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>> Air-Preheater


Air-Preheater is a heat recovery equipment that increases the temperature of air flow by recovering heat from the boiler’s flue gas and utilize it to increase the temperature of the air flow to the combustion chamber. In order to get an appropriate air-preheater design, it is necessary to determine the heat transfer process occurring in the air-preheater, the magnitude of effective area and the amount of heat obtainer in the air-preheater. The use of air-preheater increase boiler efficiency.


Key Features : More efficient boiler performance

>> Economizer


An Economizer is used to increase boiler operation efficiency. It is a waste heat recovery equipment which uses the waste heat from flue gas to preheat feed water.


Economizers can increase boiler efficiency. It is a solution to save fuel, because the higher temperature of incoming feed water reduces the need for additional energy input into the boiler.


Key Features


• Improved boiler efficiency.
• Increasing the steam raising capacity of the boiler ( by shortening the time required to convert water into steam ).

>> Dust Collector


We offer high quality Dust Collector manufactured using premium grade materials. Our Dust Collector is highly durable and resistant to adverse conditions.


Key Features


• Robust Structure
• Low Maintenance cost
• Resistant to adverse conditions

>> Superheater


Superheater converts wet, saturated steam into dry steam. Superheaters provide the beneficial part of the steam cycle, as the dry steam contains more thermal energy and increases the overall efficiency of the cycle.


A vertical type of superheater is located in the third pass of a boiler. The saturated steam is converted into superheated steam extracted from the upper drum and pass to the superheater through collecting tubes.


Key Features


• Reducing fuel and steam consumption
• Improved boiler efficiency


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